Skype with Robert Pot




In my very thorough and analytical way, we can work on and solve the most difficult technical fluteproblems. You can ask me about methodology and teaching, when you find yourself in a situation you can't solve with your pupils or students.

This service is aimed at professionals, students and advanced amateurs. If you are a beginner you'd better turn to your local flute-teacher.


My Skype-name is: robert.pot.flute


Phone: 0031-117-451497 Cell-phone 0031-653-801927


15 minutes - 15,-- Euros

30 minutes - 30,-- Euros

60 minutes - 60,-- Euros


Please send me an e-mail at or call for an appointment or look if I'm online with Skype. If there is time I will help you out immediately or we'll set a date.

What do you need?

To download Skype select your system: Windows-pc or Mac and install Skype on your system.

You need a broadband internet connection, a webcam, loudspeakers and a microphone on your pc.

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